Our Work

Ourwayfwd is a Strategy, Design and Engagement Company. We work with Leaders, Innovators, Long-term Investors and Government to tackle complex commercial and development challenges. We do this by helping organisations strengthen their capacity to execute impactful projects, campaigns and partnerships. 

About us

We design positive outcomes.

We work with Leaders, Innovators, Long-term Investors and Government to tackle complex commercial and development challenges. We do this by helping organisations strengthen their capacity to design and deliver impactful projects, campaigns and partnerships.

Areas of expertise

  • Insights and strategic due diligence
  • Positioning strategy
  • Business and product development
  • Public affairs
  • Executive and transaction Communication
  • Manufacturing and FMCG
  • Technogy, Media and Telecoms (TMT)
  • Financial Services
  • Infrastructure, Transport and Energy
  • Public Sector
  • Non-Profit and Philanthropy
  • Repositioning
  • Competition
  • Partnerships
  • Circular economy
  • Sustainability
  • Crisis
  • Leadership transitions
  • New business and product development
  • Market entry & RTM strategy
  • Digital financial services & financial inclusion
  • Public Policy
  • Transactions
  • Reputation
  • M&A
  • Divestitures

Our Approach

We focus on designing positive outcomes. Our approach emphasises shared value design which is a cooperative and often iterative process that aims to build win-win scenarios as well as the first principles of good business – reputation, value and sustainability. Our work helps drive marketing, partnerships, advocacy, investment, transformation and good governance. We work with companies, development actors and public institutions.

Our Services

“Is there a deal worth making where we will also be able to deliver on our commitments?”

We work with business executives, public sector leaders and
development actors to deepen their understanding of issues,
opportunities, risks and the stakeholder groups that can make or break
their commercial or development objectives.

“What really, really matters is that we are better placed to deliver than any other organisation?”

Identifying and qualifying what really matters is the first step towards success. We work with leaders and innovators to develop and communicate compelling value propositions and market positions in support of investment, marketing, regulation and social license.

“It is our reputation – the most important asset we have.”

We work with industry, development actors and government to build reputation and relationships with priority stakeholder groups locally and internationally.  

“We should be the most trusted source of accurate and timely information on this matter.”

We work with public and private sector organisations to ensure accurate, timely and consistent communication that is in adherence with regulatory and legal requirements and best-practice.

“What wants and needs are we able to fulfil by investing in what we already do better than others?

We work with innovators to define new categories, improved routes to market, and better modes of engagement in support of business and product development.

We lead multidisciplinary teams comprised of highly skilled professionals with multi-market experience, global reach and ‘home-networks’ in some of Africa’s most promising and challenging cities. Our skill sets thus span the entire gamut of insight and strategy development for the private, public and development sectors.  



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