The Answers have changed

The Answers have changed


Hi, its Hameed from Lagos,

We are finally at the end of Nigeria’s elections season. It’s been a wild couple of months with no shortage of drama. Investors and entrepreneurs will do well to start mapping out who their key stakeholders will be come June.

In these new updates, we’re covering everything from Nigeria’s first Naira-denominated Carbon+ ESG fund listing on NGX; to the roll of the DICE on Digital and Creative enterprises.

We also dive into the delicate pie of voter turnout, vote-buying, and internal party cohesion in Nigeria’s Presidential election. You’ll even find some “chatty” insights on ChatGPT, LLMs, and the impact of generative AI on the future of work.

Need a side of tech? Explore the effects of global tech layoffs on local ecosystems and reminisce about the good ol’ days with a piece on Telcos.

And if you’re still craving more, we discuss the continued reign of cash in Nigeria amidst policy flipflops and chaos. You won’t want to miss our take on AI-enhanced governance and service delivery in Africa, either.

So, buckle up and enjoy the ride through our mildly humorous, yet informative and personal journey across important issues and themes from Nigeria and the world over.

Friends, sometimes the answers to old questions change. Our approach to problem-solving is built on premise that over the long-term, humankind’s behaviour is better predicted by focusing on those aspects of its nature that do not change. We invite policymakers, like those behind Nigeria’s currency redesign programme, to consider this next time they seek to address a ‘long-term’ challenge with a ‘short-term’ fix.

Happy reading…


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