Last Lap

Last Lap

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Hey, its Hameed in Lagos.

It gives me great pleasure to share our first quarterly newsletter with you. Before we get into it, a couple of things: some of the imagery and text in this newsletter have been generated using AI; and OWF is coming up to its third anniversary this December.

In this edition we muse about a number of things: the proliferation of ESG conversations in corporate Nigeria; what we can learn from the early days of a now ubiquitous innovation; and Nigeria’s ongoing skilled labour upheaval.

We also say nice things about a major crypto bro; and bring you updates on Nigeria’s transport infrastructure concessions.

Plus, we hint about upcoming areas of discussion for the next edition, and our upcoming podcast series.

These will include: resilience and circular economy, regulation in the metaverse; virtual reality and the blockchain; the King of England’s planned tour of the commonwealth; AI’s role in redefining the future of work in Africa; and boosting intellectual capital of diaspora remittances.

Where possible we have embedded links to resources on various local and international platforms. We hope that you will explore these, and use this newsletter as a bookmark for your weekend reading.

Friends, this is the last lap. Wishing you all a tremendously successful last lap in 2022.




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